Last training / game of the season

In the last year there has been many, many restrictions with regards to sport and more. Luckily for the rugby boys, they could eventually start training again. Unfortunately there has been no opportunity for the boys to play any propper games. It did, however, not stop them from giving their all with each and every... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Corn and Tuna

An easy quick meal. The children loved this salad and it really is great for the hot summer months. Cooked corn Grated Carrots Chopped Thyme Spiced Taco Cheddar Cheese Mixed Tuna Sweet corn Olives All done, quick easy salad for supper

Sticking to my people, my tribe

I often find myself wanting to scream out of sheer fustration because all to often we find we talk to people but what you are saying seems to change in mid air and then when it hit their ears/brain it is completely different to that which actually came out of your mouth. It is infuriating... Continue Reading →

Teaching some simple life skills

The spring holiday has been great fun for the children so far. They have had a great opportunity to hangout with there friends on a daily basis. They are a great group of friends and they work so well together. During the holidays I always try and do fun things but also a few things... Continue Reading →

Oh my word what a morning…

So there I was finding myself, again, in the emotional mayhem and chaos of getting my vaccination done, the 2nd dose. I am happy to have the opportunity to have it done, and done rather quickly and efficiently, but oh the nerves and fear of that needle still gets to me. Yes, again I want... Continue Reading →

Feel like going on holiday

It has been a while since we have been on a proper holiday. When I say proper I mean taking a taxi to the airport to go somewhere exciting and new and different. It is understandable, because of the Pandemic everyones movements are much more restricted. We had a lovely local break in December last... Continue Reading →

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