Oh it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

My favourite time of year without a doubt. Though it is my busiest weeks, I still love everything about it. The decorating, the food, the smells, the music. Here seems to be magic in the air, no matter where you find yourself.

Support through shopping

It has been quite a busy weekend for us. We had a few things to do and a few places to be. One of them being a Garden Sale held by Rescat. A non profit organisation helping stray cats in Bahrain. The loot that was bought was great, the people we met ware friendly and... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home (Part 4)

So our time here in South Africa has come to an end. We are all excited and sad having to leave what has been a great place to grow and live for the last 2 years. Our amazing travel agent arranged and assisted us getting from South Africa back to Bahrain via OR Thambo International... Continue Reading →

Home sweet home (Part 3)

Having dealt with the drama of the rental house being broken into, we handed over the house to the owner. One less stress item to deal with at this point of the lockdown. I reiterate that I am very, very grateful that we were able to find a home to stay in, and that home... Continue Reading →

Trying some new Recipes

I have found a wonderful recipe that is easily adaptable to any flavor that you want. It again is a great inspirational recipe of The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond). I am a keen follower of her recipes. I am not sure if any of you have ever even heard of this wonderful cold and/or hot,... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home (Part 2)

So everything is ready for the big move back to Bahrain. Our tickets have been confirmed for 30 March 2020. Excitement and sadness, as we get ready to leave family and some amazing friends behind. It was a very sad 'see you later' indeed The week started with the normal chaos of the last week... Continue Reading →

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