What do I know about sport?

When there is no-one to guide and help it’s up to you.

Let’s face it what I know about any sports activity is very scary, not to mention swimming. Oh my I’m just greatful my monsters learned to swim, well I think they were born swimming. They both love the water and do really great in the Galas.

At the moment my boy is training for Provincial school trials, and man is he determined. Rain or shine, hot or cold, every morning he is in the pool at school training.

It is with great uncertainty and determination that a non-athlete gets her chickens up each morning for their swimming.

I read a lot, and Pinterest comes in real handy with tips on swimming, yoga, training and food.

I’ll share my finds and ideas soon.

Well swimming training is almost done and my day is now going to get busy with finishing my prep for the rugby festival and holidays coming up.

Have a fabulous day all.

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