Pressing reset on the stress mode

It has been quite a whirlwind couple of months in our family life and home. From saying good buy to best friends to holiday to relocating to new school to new house to a new town (village) environment.

Needless to say, the past couple of months have tested my husband and myself to the utmost, and with the distance being what it is, it still does most days. It is on these days, when things seem a little bit out of sync, that I sit and just stare into oblivion.

Today in particular is a great day to stare into the oblivion, as it is coloured with the calm haziness of rain, making the green county side village we live in seem more like a dream than a reality. The soft tones of the rain that hit the leaves on the deep green trees act almost like meditation music, bring your drumming heart rate down to a gentle thumping. The earthy wet smell clicks your brain over to a gentle murmur, almost like you are being put into motion like an automatic car.

The village is a great place to be for peace and quite, but also a great place to be for loads of activities with the community and the school. It makes for a very active and busy life too, as you can imagine we don’t have shops in the village, so your weekly shopping needs to be well planned, because there is no rushing out at odd hours to quickly go get something. Town is a 10 minute drive away, but the ‘big’ town with the better shopping options are 20 – 30 minutes away, and oh the city is about 2 hours away. Not too bad, but one does get lazy for driving.

The children keep you mighty busy with their school activities too, so add that to your weekly planning for shopping and housekeeping and gardening, oh and don’t forget the zoo of pets we have, and you can very easily forget to just stop and have some me time.

I wouldn’t change my family for the world, my husband and I work well together under stress and we have found a great rhythm, it has taken some time, but I think we kind of got our groove sorted. I do miss him terribly and I know he misses us, especially the family activities with the children a lot, but we are living in a world where work is limited and when you find work you hold on to it.

We unfortunately are now part of the ‘world’ families, my husband works outside the country and me and the children are here, at home. Let me tell you it is no picnic, but you have to do what you have to do to put food on the table and clothes on the backs, and give your children the best opportunities you possibly can.

It can get mighty stressful, especially if you are on your own and you have to constantly be security aware, children sport aware, academically aware, financially aware… and for a worrier (and no not a warrior, as in swords and fighting, a worrier, as in stressed and worried constantly) it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Those times a focus really really hard on my children and how fortunate we are to have what we have, a husband and father that is sacrificing his days to be alone, away from everything and everyone he loves so we can live comfortably. These are the times that I also always make sure that he knows how much we love him and appreciate what he is doing.

My escape comes in various forms, rearranging the furniture in the house, cleaning out the garage, working in the garden, going for a very slow and painful run up and down the hills in the our village, but my favourite has to be the baking, no not cooking, baking. I love finding new recipes to try, especially if they are easy and quick. The nights I can sleep I watch Food network and loose myself in the possibilities of what new things I can try and make. My children love my baking, they never complain, unless they really really like something, then it is more complaining that there is not enough (Hee hee) . I will share some of my favourite recipes with you latere on the blog.

Oh my, I have been going on a tangent of all sorts today, haven’t I, well sometimes you just want to talk and rant and rave.

My house is eventually waking up so I will bid you farewell to another day.

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