Food Therapy, appliance drama

Baking, I have found, has become like therapy to me. I find the sequence of events creating a dish to be quite comforting, no surprise there really, as I like order and structure. The saying ‘ I like spontaneity as long as it is planned’, applies to me.

Now, a couple of months ago my fridge had a bit of a breakdown. It was very traumatic, all my prepared meals from my freezer had to be squeezed into the two small bar fridges, as well as the food that was in it. I lost some of the prepared food and after a month and a half the small fridges were taking serious strain.

So very, very important in my kitchen life

Eventually the parts could be replaced and I got my beautiful fridge back. I was overjoyed, so much so that I cleaned her from top to bottom till she sparkled like new. At this point the bar fridges were doing long and hard hours, it saw traffic that no bar fridge is suppose to see, and it started showing. The poor things were freezing up the freezer sections completely and had to be defrosted regularly, which led to me not being able to have much fresh or frozen food at all.

Texas Chilli, new recipe tried and absolutely love it.

I started planning my restock of the fridge, went out and got meat and lovely fresh produce that I can use for the prepared meals and everyday. The discovery of new freezer items also had me very excited to get my freezer stock. I spent a night or two cooking and backing and getting my fridge organised, it was bliss, and I was very happy knowing that I am more prepared and that my kitchen life is getting back to normal…

…but then disaster struck, again. My fridge stopped working 5 days after getting it back. I was horrified, to say the least. I called around and found a company that sent someone around to have a look. The gentleman arrived, 25 min later he left, saying that though it is working now, it might not be completely fixed as he suspects that the compressor might be faulty. So with the instructions of putting water in the freezer, wait for tonight and check the freezer and contact them in the forming with an update, I continued on my hectic mom life, driving the children around for sport and getting meals ready for supper, praying all the while that my fridge would have been fixed and that this would be the last of it. I can not afford to loose all the food I had made and bought. The little fridges were going above and beyond again, and I am sure I heard the murmur of them also praying with me that this would be a one day episode.

Early evening I checked in on the progress of the freezing water and with a sinking heart I saw not freezing had happened. I prayed even harder and hoped that replacing the compressor would be a quick, but to be on the safe side I started doing some research on the internet for new fridges, with the same spec as what I currently have, the results were great but most definitely not cheap.

The next morning I contacted the company again to give them the sad news of my fridge. I was pleasantly surprised when the assured me they have the part and will collect it shortly. Shortly was an understatement, they were here so fast I did not even have enough time to finish my coffee. I said farewell to my fridge as they drove off and continued on my daily chores and activities.

Later that day I got a call from the company to say my fridge is fixed and running and they will deliver it back to me the very next day. I was over the moon with this news and the knowledge that in this day in age where we have become use to, but not happy about, the lack of great service delivery, there are still people that pride themselves on their work and the service they deliver.

Needless to say when my fridge arrived back I was beaming with joy and thankfulness and will recommend the company to anyone that need household repairs done.

But wait it is not finished, because as my bliss was filling the house and I got to the chore of doing laundry, my dryer stopped working… yes, it stopped. Not a good thing in a house that uses the dryer daily. We live in a place where you can get rain almost daily, so a dryer is as important as your stove and fridge…

Lucky for me I know this amazing company that fixes things, I called them, they collected and had my dryer back to me the very next day!

Now everything can go back to the way it was… well for the most part anyway.

This episode made me appreciate the items I have at my disposal at home that make our lives just that much easier to run.

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