Moving, shaking and every thing else

It has been a while, I know, and I am sorry, but it has truly been quite a couple of months for us.

My husband got a new permanent post so we have been planning and arranging a move back to Bahrain. Yes, that is right, we are moving back to Bahrain. So I suppose I need to change the title now the New Old Fashioned Desert Mom, but I think I would rather stick with the old one, because I am a Country mom at heart.

So the moving of all things, furniture, children and animals have been going on, all at the start of this Virus that has been enveloping the world. I am glad to say that our furniture at least made it out of South Africa and is currently in the UAE. Arrival at our new house in Bahrain some time before the end of April 2020.

Gettingthe container packed
Life while the movers got the furniture packed

Getting our animals ready for the trip has been quite the adventure. Being in a small town have great advantages, but it also has its challenges, especially when you are trying to relocate to a different country.

We are lucky as the animals came from Bahrain with us, so we have always been very diligent at keeping their ‘passports’ updated with all their required immunisations. It was getting the blood tests for Rabies done that was a problem. I had to arrange for the courier and the test to be done in the UK myself. But I must say once I had all the information I was able to arrange it and it was done rather quickly. Our vet and his staff has also been quite helpful and friendly. I realised that my PA skills are still available when I need it though.

Now unfortunately because of the chaos of lockdown the poor pets are waiting to be shipped too, at the kennels. The people at the kennel are also amazing. Again we are lucky being able to work with such friendly, helpful and kind people.

Abbi not impressed with her new temporary home

We are lucky that we can spend this lockdown time with my sister and her family. The children keep each other busy and they all work mostly well together with time for school work and play.

It is a constant adjustment but I am sure we will make it all through all of this.

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