Staying active

During this lockdown, there are many things that can go wrong, and family bickering and fighting is definitely one of the wrong things. It does get challenging having a teenager around, as they tend to get this miserable facial expression that to me just seem to be reserved for home. I have found that since we (me and Daniel) have accepted this 21 day challenge from our energetic trainer at the fitness centre we attend, it has been clear that exercise truly does help put your head in a very different place.

Look it has not been easy, and we have been sweating every morning since lockdown started, but it us abundantly clear that it is definitely worth the sweat, panting and sore muscles that goes with it. The added bonus is that you stay fit and all the food you eat gets burned off.

We do get additional help from my sisters dogs every now and then, well Fraye insists on doing the exercise with us each morning and every now and then the girls join us to time or also exercise, inside, outside or with the family.

A great big thank you for this great idea Coach, by the end of it all we will all still be fit and ready for what other routines there are to be done.

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