If you are anything close to my age (which sometimes feel like a 100 to me), you would have graduated from school many, many moons ago. “Back in my day” (like to old people use to say), school was enormously different. We didn’t have free time, we didn’t have fun in class. We went and did learning at school, if you couldn’t keep up, well then you were put in the back and pretty much left to your own devices so the teacher could spend his or her days mollycoddling the clever and bright super stars. If you were good in sport, and also not all academic, then you at least got the same fate as the duds, but with an added advantage that you would be treated like the world champion in PE.

So you can imagine my joy every day when I have to sit with my children to do virtual schooling, I wasn’t a fan then and I still am not a fan now. They do it pretty much on their own though as they have class via live video, but the little one is still finding it intimidating and a tad bit scary. She has told me several times that she prefers being in class with the teacher and children, she does not enjoy virtual schooling that much. My son on the other hand doesn’t mind. He just gets on with it, and enjoys the challenges that are given to him.

They have both made virtual friends at school already, which I find is kind of cool.

My son having fun with virtual schooling

The day seems to go by very quickly though, when you wipe out your eyes the school day is finished and you only have a couple of hours left to do the rest of the days things. I tend to do things while the schooling is going on, things that does not require me to be far away, for in case there is a link that can not be found and the drama brigade descends with tears and stutters. This normally ends with me having to calm the ‘end of the world’ down with a few encouraging words, a kiss on the cheek and an animated explanation of how silly and funny it is to find the elusive link. Having delved deep for the patience and ability to find the cartoon character that will sooth the most resent episode of ‘the missing link’, I move on with mental exhaustion trying to get some house chores or other things done.

My daughter not so impressed with virtual schooling, she misses the real classroom

Having moved on from the daily schooling, and trying to keep busy otherwise I have taken it upon myself to make a variety of face masks. It is fun, as I like doing things like this, but my hands have not worked this hard in ages. I have numerous little holes in my fingers and having burned my thumbs yesterday when taking the breakfast muffins out the oven, I keep sowing my thumb plaster onto the material (eye roll here please).

You can view my variety on the Masked Adventure post

I have moved over to much more ‘sophisticated’ masks than the one’s that I made a couple of weeks ago. It has taken a couple of views of the DIY video and writing it down to ensure that I have all the steps down. It takes longer, but seems to be less suffocating than the previous versions.

I did however take a detour to a simpler design, which prompted my brother-in-law to shiver and describe it as looking like a ‘one-breasted-bra’. I quickly moved on from there. Quite honestly, who would want to be seen with a bra on their faces right?

The offensive ‘one-breasted-bra’ Mask
These are the ‘non-one-breasted’ version

Anyway, lets move past the masked adventures and continue the adventure of the everyday and the other days. We had a birthday here recently too. My daughter had a version of her birthday with items that were purchased in the supermarket. It is quite a challenge to shop for a 10 year old in a place that has mainly groceries. So needless to say it was a rather interesting process of sourcing items that could be passed off as gifts, I just want to say thank heavens she is a little girl and likes her bath and lotion items. She was extraordinarily pleased with her stash of gifts and proceeded to gloat about them, taking everything out and describing it in detail to the video she asked me to me for her.

Very please with the stash…

All in all it is very seldom dull or boring in the house of people. Everyone doing their bit and doing there best to cope with the strange schooling and the limited access to the outside world. Makes one wonder if we will emerge from this experience with the selective memories of how things use to be better or with a more forward thinking view of how things could be, spending time with the people that are in fact more important, than trying to live up to the illusion of the fame and popularity that this world has us believe are important these days.

Till next time… stay safe and healthy!

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