Interesting times with rag dolls, fabric and other ‘bits and bobs’

This whole working with fabric thing started as a way of making masks for the whole lot of us. I have in this time of blog-absence made a few more of the breath-easy versions, and I have elaborated on the decorative element and made some improvements on the elastic/fastening mechanism too. All very exciting stuff, as you can imagine… not so much.

It has however been a very interesting, busy, trying, testing and exhausting time. We are still no closer to a departure date for us to go home. Our pets will most likely make it home before us.

But do not fear, we have not been bored or un-entertained. Let me see, what has been happening… well since the last time that I posted my laptop has been annexed by my son, not for fun and games, but for virtual schooling purposes. Don’t forget the ever interesting outdoor and indoor distractions.

You see, though I might have done a killer job at getting their IPads up and running and setup for their new schooling system, my son’s IPad is about 5 or 6 years old. After much research for information, as well as bucket loads of patients, I have come to the conclusion that the battery is slowly starting to get to the end of its life. So the amount of working time on a live IPad becomes less and less, and the charger cable plugged in doesn’t work. ( I checked the cable too, it is working 100% on my daughter’s IPad) So I sacrificed my laptop for now to him for his education and assessments till the end of the school year. I will, however, once we get to Bahrain, go to our favourite computer shop and get them to sort the IPad out so I don’t have to give up my laptop completely. I like my laptop and I feel quite cut off and limited with only my phone. Granted my phone is awesome and I get a huge amount done on it, I still prefer typing the old fashioned way, with a keyboard and bluetooth mouse.

So, having gone through that for a day or two, my computer is pretty much permanently occupied by my son most of the time.

The assessments for the end of the school year has not been easy either. Actually, I should rephrase, the assessment for the end of the school year has been very stressful for me and been absolutely no problem for my children. I suppose I should thank my lucky stars that they don’t stress and fret about it. But honestly I don’t know if the the fact that they seem not not worry, makes me worry even more?

I have printed, and helped where I can. I have gone through Year 5 Biology again, we have Arabic and English still waiting. I have sat the last 3 weeks with my son so he can go through all the subjects they have been writing the last 2 weeks. We have covered French, Spanish, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities (Geography and History), the only subjects left are the one’s based on project based assessments like Art, PE, Music and Drama. These have had their own challenges, as I have had to very quickly learned to become a cameraman, producer and director, to assist with the producing of videos for assessment submissions in these subjects.

I am not complaining, please don’t get me wrong, I am merely describing the environment which we have unceremoniously been dumped into, and how, our ‘ordinary’ family life, that use to be managed between what mommy can help with and what daddy can help with, has disappeared into thin air and compressed into a box of quick learning skills and virtual school assistance (thank goodness for virtual schooling and teachers online, as I am not the schooling type).

Between trying to keep my head with the learning, and keeping close quarters for quick access, especially for my 10 year old, assessing what needs printing, videoing, photoed and other day to day chores, I have found an interesting way of keeping my hands busy… I have found the cutest rag doll and mini animal paterns.

I have made one so far. The biggest problem is when you start you seem to be sucked down the quicksand of Pinterest and you end up with more ‘funcky and cool’ things to try than when you started your innoccent journey in the Pinterest world.

It is a refreshing distraction, but when things get to the nitty gritty, it gets a bit difficult to just up and leave it all and help the schooling beings. So I have finished my one Rag doll prototype and I will most definitely give it another shot when we are home.

I have also, due to persistence from my dearest son, gave hairdressing a try…. oi oi oi oi oi, it is safe to say, I would keep with doing other things. It does however fascinate me the though that, having repeatedly told him that I don’t want too and I can only cut with clippers, and I do finally cave and give him the dreaded clipper haircut, he gasps in horror and asks what have you done. Really?! I even tried to funky it up by adding those fabulous stripes. I at least thought it was not too bad. I will however refrain from doing it again, I will continue sending him to his Man Spa in future.

Oh the various things I have tackled over this virus time is amazing, but we persist and continue and hope that what does not kill us will make us extra strong.

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