Heading Home…

From daily searches that bring nothing but frustration, to a sudden down pour of action.

What an adventure this year has been.

The lockdown on 26 March 2020 in South Africa took 99.9% of the people by surprise, most of them thinking it would end 14 days later and all will go back to normal… no so much.

For our family in particular it has been a most interesting 4 months.  As you know we were suppose to be on that lovely white Emitates bird out to Bahrain on 30 March 2020. Starting yet another chapter in our family life.

The lockdown brought that to a screeching halt, chaos ensued. 4 Days left in SA with a rental house to hand over, last furniture to get to where it needed to go, animals to fly out, it all came to a stop.

The short 1 night sleep over by my sister, till our flight out, turned into a 4 month stint of managing virtual schooling and assessments with the new school in Bahrain. Magical family of ours, taking us in and just letting things happen, we all just kind of coasted with what was going on. We were truly blessed to have had a place to stay, but above all, having had family that we could share this uncertain topsy Turvey time with.

Truly very interesting times we are living in at this point.

I am currently sitting in that magical white Emirates bird that eventually called our names, and allowed us onto its back to join it in its 9 hour flight to our new home.  It has been the most surreal 3 days of my life, I still feel shell shocked, yet strangely calm and at peace. Though this happened suddenly, the whole travel and permit, document experience has been so calm and peaceful. No panic, no nerves, almost serene.

The service from all providers involved has been nothing but the best and the most attentive I have experceived in a very long time. It gives you the indication that the long lost pride and honor in one’s work has not disappeared, it has merely been downed out by the cheap, quick, superficial wave of instant gratification that is making our new generation into ungrateful, impatient beings, focused on external recognition rather than pride in your own piece of work, whatever it might be.

It gives me a sense of peace knowing that the old code of honor in your word has not completely died, a glimmer of hope that good people and honorable people still exists, and when the world comes to a sudden chaotic halt, it is these old school beings that bring peace, calm and stability. Shining like the glimmer off the well worn armour of a knight.

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