adventures again with food, family and more

Writing a blog each week seems to be a bit of a challenge for me right now. I plan each week to do some work on my blog, but alas, life happens and I end up running around the house, the town and the school managing everything from the children to the pets and the household. I have, however, gotten into a pretty productive and comfortable routine with everything. Yes, I know, it doesn’t give me much time for me at the moment, but the family and the house is running mostly smoothly at least. That in itself gives me some type of comfort and peace of mind.

The children are pretty much back at school most of the time, from next week they will be going to school 5 days a week again. Zane is still working from home, so his days are limited to the office, his computer screens and his phone.

We have been very busy all around, but I think the cats are the one’s who seem to be having the most relaxing time of all.

It is good to get back to a routine, be it a semi fixed routine, but it it a routine nonetheless. I like routine, it gives me peace of mind and great comfort knowing what is lying ahead, allowing me to mentally prepare for whatever needs doing.

I have been able to sort my kitchen out to be just right. It is just right for great Biscotti backing, oh and other wonderful experimental food making too. I have been rather busy in the kitchen the last couple of months, but I am not complaining. I would quite happily spend most of everyday just baking and cooking and trying new things in the kitchen.

My Spices all sorted, labeled and happy to be used. See the food section for some more photo’s of my super organising pantry and kitchen activities

Oh and I have been having loads of adventures and fun I the kitchen!!!

As always I will try my best to update as often as possible, but keep an eye on the social media feeds, there I share my visual adventures often!

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