Biscotti Madness

Oh how fabulous, the wonderous whimsical flavour that floated around in the air when I, for the first time ever, delved into trying my baking hand at making biscotti. The absolute joy, satisfaction and happiness of making these delightfully simple baked treasures. It was like I was whisked away into the colourful flavours of a baking world. I loved it, no actually I love it.

This is what I want to do, I want to wake up everyday and bake biscotti. Oh the fun and delight of trying a new combination of flavours… I am in heaven, I found my purpose, to bake biscotti.

Then there is the complete indulgence of consuming these little treats with coffee or tea. My entire family loves it, and they are quickly coming to understand which one’s they prefer most.

I must confess that Ouma Rusks is like a tradition, Zane and Daniel eat them as snacks often. I bake Ouma Rusks at least once every 2 or 3 weeks, but, there is a definite competition now. For me, however, I love biscotti so much that I don’t feel guilty confessing that I rather have a biscotti than a rusk. The internal conflict of which one to have is rather big for my 14 year old, as he loves both, but he is only allowed one at a time. The struggle is very real for him (ha ha ha)

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