the ‘masked adventures’

EVERYONE is doing the Mask thing these days, so it is only natural that we all join and try our hand at making our own. Helping by keeping us all healthy and saving that small amount of money.

I started this little masked episode, trying to find an easy, simple and quick design and method of making these very important, and now also very fashionable items. I searched many a Pinterest sites, reading and watching videos.

My first attempt was a very quick and simple design. It was fun to make too. I had all 7 masks done with in 1 day. They required small pieces of fabric and easy hand stitching.

Such a delightful array of colour
The suffocation inducing mask

They are playful and easy masks. Once you start wearing them the simplicity is overshadowed by the constant hot air that escapes to cause your glasses to mist up, which is alright, if you don’t need to dodge the occasional person at the shop or aisle you are finding yourself in at the time of misting up. Then having just missed and avoided the infectious contact with the wide eyed person, now staggering away from you with suspicion and horror, as though you just sneezed on their phone, you then try and breath through the heart pumping excitement of moments ago, just to find the three layered material keeps clogging your nasal airway, forcing you to breath through your mouth. Making you look even more like a dodgy person grasping not just for air but sanity.

So after a couple of weeks contemplating these very cute, yet possibly soffocation inducing masked, I decided to venture further and dig deeper into the various resources of the Internet and try and find an easy but less life threatening mask I could make. I had many a hours of reading and watching videos, looking at the complexity, the shape, the soffocating aspect and aesthetic views.

I finally narrowed it down to 2 designs.

The first one seemed ridiculously easy, so easy in fact that as I made it I doubted its actual possible success. Imagine my surprise when I was done, rather quickly and it looked like the end product. Brilliant, wonderful, jippee! I was overjoyed. The fit is great and the suffocating factor is pretty much nonexistent…

The offensive ‘one-breasted-bra’ mask

That is until my brother-in-law stared it down and said with a shudder, ‘yes, that’s the one that looks like a ‘one-breasted-bra’

Crash, that is an image I really don’t want to see on anyone’s face, much less mine or any of my family or friends. Now that that thought is stuck in your head, it is nearly impossible to not see it as the abovementioned item (shaking of head, with exasperated rolling of the eyes)

Lucky for me I had decided to try out two ideas, do I immediately turned my attention to the next project.

It is a bit more specific in style and requires quite a bit of man hours stitching the whole thing together. The end product however is vastly different and way more satisfying than any of the others. Sure it will take me a few days to get all seven done, but it will be well worth the effort.

The time consuming ‘designers’ mask

This masked adventure at least taught me that you should never expect new endeavour to always work out the first or second time, but don’t give up because the winning formula might just be the third time lucky.

Keep safe and healthy everyone

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