Ugh the cleaning…

As you might have gathered I love, love, love baking and making and cooking. (especially biscotti he he he)

Oh and just like your everyday night and day or the well known Jing/Jang, there is the otherside of the fun and joy of the fabulous adventures. Yes there is, like everything in life there is the bad with the good. It is all about how you approach it that makes the difference between dewelling on the bad or just doing it and getting it over with and move on. I know that there are times that the knowledge of the subsequent bad would make you skip the entire event just to avoid the bad. That unfortunately is like shooting yourself in the foot, because then you miss out on the fun and amazing side that makes the ‘bad’ thing seem small in compareson, and who knows, you might miss an opportunity of some sort.

I am talking about cleaning up after the fun of baking or cooking. I do not like cleaning up, it is something I have for many many years, and still do, dislike greatly. I, however, gotten to the point where instead of stairing at it in dismay, I just knuckle down and get it done. Good music (prefereable some good Texas Country Radio Station or a Good Afrikaans Radio Station) playing in the background, and the dishwasher is also very very key.

Then before you know it you are done

ugh, the cleaning
The upside of doing the hard stuff is the reward at the end

The transformation is something that you need to keep in mind when you tackle a cleaning task, the before and after. The after is a good feeling of completion and satisfaction, reward for getting the job done.

I tackle all my cleaning chores/jobs in this way. If I had a choice I would skip it, but the idea of the house being durty and all the issues that fall under that umbrella is way worst than anything else. The biggest for me obviously is things not being in order. I like everything in its place, because there is a place for everything. Yes we all have various reasons why we do what we do, and mine is usually assosciated with the peace of mind that I can get from having as much organized, planned and sorted, so I know what is next.

Mowing the lawn seems to be my son’s version of cleaning up after baking. (He he he). He is not a fan of doing the mowing, but he gets it done with a little help from Daddy.

Oh the reality of everything, we could descuss it at length, but I have more biscotti to baking and then I have more cleaning to do.

Keep safe and well.

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