Home Sweet Home! (Part 1)

I hope you’ve all been doing well, staying safe, and (hopefully) getting back to some glimpse of normal. I know normal is a relative term, and I swear, I still have moments where I am hit with this strong “What just happened?!?” feeling regarding the past couple of months. What a time. I hope things settle soon to at least a semi-‘normal’ way of life.

You can choose to look at this in various ways, and you can choose to react to this in various ways. Though it has been rough I choose to look and react to it all as a new adventure and great leaning curve (… well for most of the part the intention is to experience these challenges as such…), and for the most part it works out pretty well.

I count my blessing every day, as we were lucky enough to have been locked down with family. Family that we get along with and can manage long periods with. We are also lucky to have been given a ticket to fly out and have our family be complete again. Yes it is far away from some family and friends, but we are a complete family unit again, Daddy, Mommy, Son and Daughter. It is a blessing to have, as the last two years have been tough and very very hard to manage with a split family unit, especially having the one part being in an environment that can be very very stressful and not very safe.

Our trek started early on in the year, and we were very excited to be going back to Bahrain. We had school sorted, house sorted and then the furniture shipment all sorted and done, so too the animals. Everything was well planned and organised.

Home Sweet Home!

The move…

… and then the pandemic began…

The next post will continue from here, keep reading.

Keep well and safe.

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