Christmas Fairs and the prep that makes it fun

It is that time of the year where you have fairs everywhere. It is festive, fun and great places to get gifts and some special treats.

Love fairs, it reminds me of small town living. A place where you can imagine time standing still, a homely festive place where neighbours, family, friends and travellers come together to support home bakes, makers and charities.

I support where I can, but this time I will be participating in the fair. Yes, I have decided to share my love of biscotti with the world and I will be selling a few varieties at the fair.

Oh what a exciting and nerve-racking affair it is to be doing your own stand.

In my corporate working years I help with a fair amount of stands and events. That however is a very different environment, and it seems to feel easier to do having a team and not your own product at the center of the stand.

This will be me, my passion, my happy place on display, my handiwork on the table for everyone to buy and enjoy. Exciting, but so scary too.

I have been planning and baking, packing and got stickers printed, prices calculated and table mockup done.

Through it all there is this raw reality that this is it, this will be the moment that I put myself out there, for strangers to discover the beauty and delight of the biscotti I bake.

What an experience it is though. I loved every minute of it, something new and the start hopefully of some more things to come.

I met and connected with interesting people, great to have had this start. It is also very clear that the mass of people that normally go to festive events are way less than previous years, but good to see that people support the local industries where they can.

I do wish everyone a fun, safe, healthy and loving festive time.

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