We have been busy like little bees

The new year has rolled on and suddenly everything is back to a different kind of busy.

We have had quite a busy and active Christmas holiday.

I officially started my little baking biscotti dream. Which, in the greater scheme of this has added sooooo much to my already busy daily routine of mommy, housekeeper, taxi driver and wife. But with organising and scheduling I have been able to schuffle and rearrange things so I can put in the time that I want, so I can do my baking that I love so. The hubby and children have picked up a few extra chores around the house to also help free up some of my time.

I took part at a festival fair that was arranged by my daughters dance studio, Victoria Dance. It was nerve-racking but so amazing. Having to sell what you have made with love, passion and dedication is so different from having to do the same for someone else’s product. Your heart and soul is part of it so it makes you so much more vulnerable, but the satisfaction and pride is so much more.

The children were also rather busy over this time, we got to do some family things. I love spending fun time with the children, talking, playing games, just hanging out. I find that it reinforces the already strong bond we share, especially now that we have a headstrong, all knowing teenager and preteen in the household. I love, love, love any time I can get to spend with my two monsters outside of the normal daily schedule, as much as they drive me up the wall sometimes, I love them so much, everything they are and want to be, they are such a huge light in my everyday. I think they are the “awesomest” ever, but I am allowed too, I am their mom.

I arranged an afternoon of gingerbread house decorating for the children and their friends. It was an absolute hit, they all enjoyed it very much. The boys and girls teamed up and decorated with the happy cheerful sounds of Christmas music playing in the background.

We got to have a few restaurant meals together as a family too, something that very very seldom happens in our household. We just don’t have the time for it between school days and activities and my husbands work schedule.

Christmas day came around soon enough and apart from the little Christmas feast I made for us to enjoy, we also had the traditional Christmas breakfast.

Christmas this year did not seem to be as magical as it usually is, I think it was the whole Covid thing that has somehow put a bit of a cloudiness over the normal electrifying, bright overly happy mood. It however, did not stop us from trying to get as much fun and magic out of the season and the day.

After Christmas we popped away for a few days to the Art Rotana Hotel in Bahrain. It was wonderful and a great local get away. We got to sleep late, see sites we normally don’t see, get some Netflix series time in, relaxed and had some fun on the beach. We also happened to discover an awesome new mall with fabulous family entertainment.

It was great getting out and about Exploring historic places too.

Our cat family members also got to spend some time away from home, we sent them to a kennel, and they seem to have really enjoyed it.

Soon enough though the long awaited Christmas holiday had passed in what seems to have been a fast forward motion, spitting us out on the other side of 2020 head first into 2021 with the same pace and chaos of before.

We all know that we are very blessed to be in an environment where Covid has not stopped us from living a fairly normal life. The way the pandemic has been dealt with by the Bahrain government is amazing and we are privileged to be here on the island.

Now it is time to step firmly into 2021 with my new venture, known and unknown adventures. I hope that you all keep safe and healthy and enjoy every moment as much as you can.

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