Oh these are the days I miss my mommy and daddy

1st dose of Vaccination done.
I am so relieved and was blessed to have been attended too by two lovely ladies.

I am absolutely terrified of needles, terrified to the point where, even at this age I want to burst out crying like a little girl, screaming for her mommy and daddy to come and hold her hand.
On my way to the hospital for my appointment I was listening to my favourite music, loud to try and drown out my fear and apprehension. I was crying all the way there, thinking I want my mommy and daddy.

I arrived 10 minutes ahead of my scheduled appointment (as always early because I HATE tardiness). They took my ID, I sat down in a waiting area for about 20 minutes, my name was called and these two angels appeared. I explained to them that if I start crying they should not take it personal, it would just be me getting over myself with fear.
They were so sweet and kind and took great time to explain everything, asked me questions and then when the much dreaded moment arrived they calmly spoke to me. I, on the other hand said thank you, while holding the offended sides ear closed, and said, please don’t talk to me, just do it. They giggled and while I closed my eyes I felt something then it was over. They were both angels and I am so very greatful for their kind and gentle handling of my rediculous phobia.

King Hamed University Hospital, Kingdom of Bahrain, the sweetest staff.

I moved over to observation area and within a short while I was observed and then booked for my next appointment.

To all the people involved with getting the Covid vaccinations done thank you. It was efficient, friendly and very helpful.

Keep safe and see you all soon for my second dose.

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