The world we live in

Chaos and uncertainty is a big part of our lives these days, so it is no surprise that most of us are living in this constant mood of expecting change and unstability. This is where I decided to stop and look at what is around, what is constant and unchanging in this world we find ourselve in.

I took inspiration from a good friend of mine that started posting her everyday walks in the most fascinating and interesting way. A ordinary walk or outdoor excursion can be turned into something quite spectaculare. (Thanks Louise)

So I started taking note and photographs of thing around our house and compound, breaking down the everyday things and find the extraordinary in them. It turns out that there is quite a bit that photographs can tell us, where words seem to fail.

I started with the garden at our villa, and then as I walked through the compound I found myself drawn and noticed how green and lush the surroundings are in this warm environment.

Strolling past it all I noticed the facilities and the structures that are in place. It almost could take you to a holiday resort, if you dare to encourage yourself to day dream a little bit, after all we are on an island.

Even the littlebugs all of a sudden look more interesting than annoying.

The outdoors bring activities that require movement and fresh air, a great way of getting those limbs moving and releasing the frustration of feeling like you are being imprisoned by the lockdown.

Of all these things today, I noticed the one thing we take for granted in the bubble we live in on the island, is safety and quality of life. We are very fortunate that we do not need to worry about locking doors (house or car doors), windows standing wide open with nothing obscuring the view to the outside. In the photograph I took, I noticed while browsing all the photos, is a great example of how freely we live on the island, where the children can play in the compound, running in and out the villas with there friends, leaving their bicycles, running off to do the next exciting thing. Sometimes you can’t really say which villa has how many children, as you see the scattered array of bicycles and rides outside on the pavement of the villa. It really is quite an amazing small thing that I am sure many people don’t notice anymore. I am greatful for this as it takes away another part of stress on the children, and allow them to enjoy their childhood more.

The array of mobile equipment outside the park, not a child close by, only the sound of children laughing and playing.

I hope that you all can take a moment or two to stop and just look around you at the smaller things that are the blessings that we often find we do not see anymore, but that makes our lives unique and special to what it is.

Keep safe to all.

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