The world we live in 2

Everything seems to have gone virtual/online over the last year. Shopping, movies, school, exercise classes, marathons, phone calls, and the list goes on. I get the feeling that we hit a certain point where this whole technology thing is moving so fast that it almost feels like a ball of snow rolling down hill, growing bigger and faster as it goes.

I understand the need to grow and develop, everything has to grow and develop otherwise it stagnates. When things stagnate, for instance water, it becomes bracish and unuseable, as does anything that stagnate, technology, relationships, food, anything.

On the otherside, if things grow too quickly it could explode, or in the case of a snowball going down hill, it could gather more mass, more speed and when there is a obstacle in its way it will collide with it and explode into chaos.

The key I believe is balance, especially for us nowadays. I try and make sure that my children have a balance of screen time and outside time. With them having virtual school it increases the screen time which takes away from their fun screen time, so again, I try and make sure they have a balance with that too. I honestly prefer them outside playing with their friends, they get exercise and they socialise.

Another impact of the current situation we find ourselves in, the socialising aspect of lockdown, or minimal contact with the outside world. There are many people (like me) that do not mind the home time and the occasional socialising, but there are many people who feel trapped and imprisoned because they thrive on and live for the weekends or evening time where they can go out with their friends and keep their minds and selves busy. Again, even without our current situation, I believe balance is the key. If you submerge yourself in your social life you don’t experience the ability or opportunity to get to know and like yourself, and then if you do not socialise, you cut yourself out of the experience of learning people skills meeting new and interesting people.

Balance, always key I belief.

Now that I have had my philosophical rant, back to the subject at hand. Making time to experience your direct surroundings and with that, for me, it is my children and the sudden opportunity we have been afforded to spend more time with them. It can be challenging, especially if you, like me, have a teenager and a preteen in one house. I try and not succumb to the temptation of loosing my sense of humor, though sometimes it is difficult, like all parents with ‘all knowing teenagers’ know.

This is the main reason why I try and refocus on things we can do together that will create memories.

On one of these occasions, I took my daughter for a walk in our area and come across such an amazing find, we found princess carriages and we had so much fun. She was so thrilled and enjoyed pretending to be a princess, practicing her ‘Royal wave’.

The little things that we saw during our walk was a great conversation piece and we ended up talking about all sorts of things, a reconnection opportunity that we both enjoyed.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have this time with my children, we will have many memories to reflect on when they have children of their own one day, and it helps strengthen our bond for the long run, it gives us the ability to get to know each other and understand each other and our own personal likes and dislikes, and help appreciate each other for all those things that make us so different from each other.

I resently read a piece that reminded me that we should not put off what we can do now, because later is not guarenteed, like many things in life, our time is never guarenteed. So take the time now to spend it with your children and your partner, the special people in your life and make sure they know and can feel how much you love them for everything they are, because honestly, tomorrow is not a guarentee.

I hope that you all take this extraordinary time we are living in to enjoy the blessings we are given, and focus on and grow all the good that can come from all of this.

On that note I hope you all have a fabulous day, go out and explore and drag your loved one’s with or allow them to drag you with, just enjoy them!

Keep safe all.

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  1. Hi Sharon, I enjoyed your blog! I can imagine that Princess Olivia relished her time rehearsing her royal wave!
    Keep on creating these special moments for your children – one day they will look back and treasure them.


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