Teaching some simple life skills

The spring holiday has been great fun for the children so far. They have had a great opportunity to hangout with there friends on a daily basis. They are a great group of friends and they work so well together.

During the holidays I always try and do fun things but also a few things here and there that teaches the children a life skill. Things like using the washing machine and tumble dryer, making basic dishes from scratch with minimal cost or today I call them closer, and their friends joined in, to teach them the very important skill of changing a tyre.

Many questions were asked about this activity. “Why not just call someone, or walk to the closest place”, the questions continued, but I gave them a scenario that put them out on a lonely road in the beautiful country side of the UK. There is no mobile signal and the closest village/town is a couple of hours walk away in both direction. The only thing to do is to change the tyre themselves.

Seeing as it is a fairly easy and logical exercise, I explained the steps while showed them how to do it, with them helping every step of the way. Then as a confirmation of the knowledge they absorbed I got them to change a tyre byl by themselves.

Like I said, they had great fun and they work so well together, by the end of it all we had spend just over an hour of the afternoon changing and discussing the process of changing a tyre.

I hope that this will one day come back to them in a moment of need and they will fondly remember the day that I taught them, with their friends, how to change a tyre, not having to panic or find it a difficult thing to do.

Why not see what simple but important life skill you can think to teach your child/children and their friends. It is loads of fun and priceless.

Keep safe, sane and well

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