Last training / game of the season

In the last year there has been many, many restrictions with regards to sport and more. Luckily for the rugby boys, they could eventually start training again. Unfortunately there has been no opportunity for the boys to play any propper games. It did, however, not stop them from giving their all with each and every training sessions.

There have been a few injuries during the season, I believe mainly because the boys have been so hungry for competition that they would give 110% during training. Now the occational blue eye, brused ribs, or even smashed nose is par for the couse when it comes to training. But we have had a few scares with knees and head/neck injuries too. Non of which, thankfully, was serious.

So with the last training session last night, at the Bahrain Rugby Football club, the boys were all hyped up and ready, to play and give it their all. There were a few parental spectators and you could feel the excitement in the air.

Warmup done, the boys were divided into 3 groups. It was a joy to watch the boys playing. It was clear that they were all wanting hungered out for some propper games. They played with passion and by the time the session finished there were a crowd of very sweaty, heavy breathing teens with great big smiles on their faces.

They are all hoping to continue more casual training during the hot summer months, but mostly they are all hoping to get back to propper rugby training and competition in the new season at the end of the year.

Daniel, who I often refer to as my favourite son, was so hyped and beyond happy, he also commented that he really misses playing games against other teams because it gives him the opportunity to learn and grow. I, as a super proud mamma, am grateful that he has had the opportunity to train at least and will definitely find a way of getting him to continue his passion for the game during the off months.

To all the players, you guys did so well and we hope to see you in the new season. Good luck to those starting their end of year exams/assessments.

A big thank you to all the parents for getting the boys to the training through the year. Then a very big thank you to Coach Rod and his team for making this all possible, without you the boys would not have been able to play or learn the skills they have.

Keep safe and well and healthy.

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