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Yes, you guessed it we are back on lockdown here in Bahrain. Not a big surprise with the way the numbers have been going up over the last couple of weeks.

I do however find some irony in the fact that those that are complaining the most about the lockdown, and act like the lockdown is a prison sentence, are the exact same type of crowd that are guilty of not following the general lockdown rules or continue with all sorts of socialising events regardless of being constantly reminded to be more cautious. If you are not going to be careful, mindful, and respectful of other people it is not going to get better, but hey I am not the one complaining. I in fact don’t mind staying at home too much, or following rules for that matter. It can get a bit testy with a usually very sporty active teenager lurking around the house like a bear with a sore foot, because he cannot go training properly or go out and do some type of activity to burn off the energy or teenager stressful issues.

We all however adapt and I do try and get all of us to do activities outside the house. It has gotten a tad hot over the last couple of weeks, so we must get out and training (walking around the compound) early in the morning before the temperature rise and the humidity set in for the day. Seeing as school has now (as of tonight) gone back to full time virtual mode, the morning wakeup will be later, and we will be able to spend a bit more time chilling before school starts in the morning too.

It can get a bit much having to manage a preteen and a teenager, especially when suddenly there are more restricted than normal. I keep reminding them that they HAVE to change their mindset, the more you think about it as a prison sentence, the more it is going to feel like one, so, change your mindset. See the positive, find the positive. I have told them that I don’t want all this negative anymore, and I am not going to be the only one that keeps dragging them out of the pit, we have to do it together, and help each other. It will be fine. After all just over a year ago we were in South Africa, in a house filled with 7 people, and we made it work, for almost 4 months, and we did not go out at all, so we can do this, we do after all still have Starbucks and Baskin Robers Delivery! (Cheers and cries of joy at that thought)

There are so many opportunities to create more memories and learn more about each other. So having said that I am reminded of all the times that we have done exactly that, create memories.

I love that music is at the centre of most of those memories, and that regardless of where you are, when a song comes on the radio it can either make you laugh, cry or just shake your head.

Music and poetry to me are the purest forms of expression that transcends any barriers. Today, while at school (for the last time in the next week or two), my son started doing Poetry in English. I looked at the poems and I went to my bookcase, I got two of my old sentimental valuable poetry books. I re-read some of the poems we did at school, and also read the one that Daniel will be doing over the next couple weeks. It is awesome, the feeling of reading those words, so delicately put together to create a picture that sets you mind ablaze with emotions. Oh what joy that I can share this with my children, they both luckily like cultural things.

I am not at all joyful about the new stringent lockdown, but I choose to see it as another oppotunity of doing things with my children that we normally would not have time for and getting to know each other again. Sure, there will be some bumpy times, I am not that blind, cause let’s face it we have a preteen and a teen in one house, and we are constantly ‘reminding’ them that their phone devices “are NOT people, so get off and let us do real-life person facetime”. Having a pigeon pair does not make it easier either, sometimes it feels like they tag-team me too. But it will be an interesting two weeks and let see what develops from here on in.

I hope that you all keep safe and take things are they come, because as a wise man keeps telling me “it is what it is” (ha ha ha daardie een net vir Pappie)

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