Trying new things

As you know I like venturing into new area of food all the time. I spend lots of my screen time searching and finding interesting things to try.

I have found that the one place I can always count on finding interesting things to try is on the Food Network show The Pioneer Woman. I, again, found an amazing, mind blowingly simple and very very tasting recipe last week and just HAD to try it.

Keep in mind I am not someone that likes hot spicy food. I don’t mind tasty spice, but not hot. I don’t like reaching for the fire hydron when I am eating or drinking.

So, with that said I decided to make Ree Drummond’s (The Pioneer Woman) Spicy Cowgirl Ice brewed coffee.

I managed to scrape together most of the ingredients. The Syrups were the tricky one’s, so I proceeded to ask Google and quickly found easy recipes to make the syrups.

Having all the items needed I proceeded to throw it all together. The only difference I made though, was instead of pouring the mixture over ice, I blended it all together (I am a HUGE lover of frappuccinos).

I must also add that I used as much low fat items as I could, and I replaced the full fat milk with fat free milk, just to try and take away a bit of guilt about the fancy treat.

The recipe made 2 good size cups of coffee, and Daniel, being the explorative eater that he is, joined me in trying this coffee.

I can, with absolute certainty say that I have found my new favourite Frappuccino. It is delicious, tasty and the spiciness is just right. I can definately understand why Ree Drummond has this as one of her favourites too.

I will be making this ofter and sharing this with friends all over.

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