Who said exercise is good for you?

After a couple of weeks of Detox Dieting I was ready to start training again.

It had been going well and I got to the point where I could progress from walking to jogging.

I was starting to enjoy the 40 to 60 min I got every second day or so where I could listen to Bok Radio and just be outside getting some exercise. I usually train between 08h00 and 09h00 in the morning while the children are busy with school.

A bit hot but with the wind blowing it was not too bad that morning. I had gotten in a nice rhythm and was just getting ready for my next jog section when my foot hit the edge of the side walk and I went sprawling down like a starving person leaping for food.

I got up and finished my training and only later realised that I had hurt my knees and shoulder a little bit.

I have since then taken a bit of time off to recover my aging body and get back to walking normally again before attempting to speed walk and run.

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