Vaccination for the Youth

It was with great relief that we read the announcement of the Covid vaccination will be allowed for the youth aged between 12 and 17. That very same day I registered Daniel on the system. Unfortunately Olivia has to wait, but for now at least Daniel will be vaccinated.

It took about 3 weeks for the message to come through on my phone indicating Daniel’s appointment for the next day. Now, keep in mind that Daniel was busy with his end of year assessments/test as well.

Having received the message Saturday evening at around 18h00 from the Ministry of Health, I quickly got onto e-mail and sent a message to the Head of Daniel’s year group and his teachers, because he was writing Maths and Physics on Sunday morning. Being the school they are, they got back to me quickly and we arranged for Daniel to write his Maths in the afternoon between 15h00 and 16h00.

School sorted, we got ready and were in the car at 07h10 Sunday morning on our way to Sitra Mall. Yes a Mall, a Mall they converted into a temporary vaccination centre. (Fabulous Idea)

We got there well ahead of 08h00 and walked in at 07h45.

The way to the vaccination registration inside the Mall was well marked and the pathway well laid out. (It was quite a walk though, got some km’s in that morning)

We did end up waiting, but that was because we were ahead of time, I really don’t mind waiting then (rather be early and wait, than be late I always say). We waited in the walkway of the mall where they had placed fairly comfortable chairs about 2 meters apart.

We were called into the registration area in small groups at a time, and there was clear instructions to keep distance between all the parties. It was very obvious that this booking slot was mainly for Youth, as there were a lot of youngsters each with a parent.

Once we confirmed our booking and received our number (we were NO. A118) it took no more than 20 minutes to get called to the vaccination station. We waited at the station about 10 minutes and then Daniel got called in to get his shot. We left a few minutes later with his vaccination book and a return date for 3 weeks later.

The staff were all, as always were kind, friendly and very efficient, from the cleaning staff, security, admin and medical staff.

We left and found a popup Costa’s Coffee station open at the bottom of the escalator and like many, decided to celebrate the first vaccination with a coffee.

We arrived back home in time for Daniel to continue school and his two tests.

Three weeks later and we received the next message for Daniel’s second vaccination. We arrived at the appointed time and we did not even wait this time around. We walked in, registered, got vaccinated and walked out. 15 minutes after arriving we were already on our way back home.

I am again impressed with the great way that this vaccination was done, we are truly fortunate to have this available to us.

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