A very welcome staycation

There are many places that have opened up for people traveling from Bahrain. There are, however, a few things that need to be considered before just hop on an aeroplane and taking off. Some of these things are:
– The passport you have, not everyone can travel freely and inexpensively to different countries.
– The quarintine and type of quarintine that some countries have implemented can put a bit of a damper on places to go.
– Then there is the concern of which country to go where the exposure to the pandemic won’t influence your activities
– Lastly a place to go where you don’t run the risk of being stuck due to a sudden lockdown.

So my husband booked us a lovely couple of days away at the Novotel Hotel and Spa on the island. It was a great idea and a wonderful break from the everyday, a real staycation.

The hotel suite was comfortable, big and had a lovely balcony that over looked the beach area. The hotel itself was a breath of fresh air and gave you the feel of being on holiday away from home. The beach was clean and well shaded, so too was the pool area. The service at the pool and at the beach was exceptional with the friend efficient and helpfull staff always close by.

There was some restrictions in place, yes, but overall it was a stay that we all enjoyed very much, and really the restrictions did not have any negative influence over our enjoyment at the hotel.

We ordered breakfast early each morning and enjoyed it delivered to the room. There was a great selection of food for young and old. I personally was pleasantly surpised at the delicous latte’s that they served, now that to me is always a good sign. (ha ha ha ha)

The refreshments and food served at the pool and beach were well prepared and tasty, though a little big for day time meals, but we enjoyed it very much. It was delightful to try the fresh watermelon juice with crushed ice, with the heat here I found this to be a rather refreshing and quite addictive drink. (I will most definately try my hand at replicating something similar at home.) We enjoyed a variety of different types of food over the couple of days.

Lunch was served either at the beach or in the suite too, it all depened on the heat and the tiredness of everyone. Suppers we chose to give all 3 restaurants a try, and it was well worth every penny.

The first evening we tried the seafood restaurant. This was where I discovered the delightfully fresh watermelon juice with crushed ice for the first time. Our menu choices consistered of two set menus. The size of the menus were just too much so we decided to take one of each and share it between the 4 of us, which also turned out to be quite the challenge to finish, but it was delicious.

The second evening we ate at a mediteranian/middle eastern grill restaurant. The restaurant was rather empty, but the service and the food was great. We sat inside because, apart from the high heat and humidity at this time of the evening, there were still quite a few people at the pool outside the restaurant which made for a lot of loud conversation and a fair amount of splashing from the younger guests at the hotel.

Our last night at the hotel we went to the Fishbone, a highly rated Italian restaurant. The beautiful setting was one of the many things that grabbed our attention. We were lucky enought to enjoy this evenings meal next to the window with the most spectacular view of the full moons bright magical light dancing on the surface of the see. The food here too was exceptional, the staff friendly, and though it was a bit on the pricey side, it was well worth the treat and an evening we will remember for quite some time. After our lovely supper we went for a walk around the hotel by the light of the moon. We got to see the fisherman work the water in the night time, and also understood why night time is a better option, even this late at night it was still rather warm, but pleasant enough to be outdoors.

While my husband and children enjoyed the last couple of hours at the pool and beach, I chose to get our things packed and ready for departure. While packing I reflected on the great oportunity and privelege we had to get away for a couple of days. It was great to get out of the house and away from the daily humdrum of normal life.

I would without a doubt recommed the Novotel to anyone that wants a small break. It was a great staycation indeed.

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