It has been quite a busy Summer holiday so far…

Here are some of the pictures from the events of July... the stories will follow. Random and chaotic range of what has been happening... but fun all around

Jr School Graduation

Yes, Olivia has Graduated. Come September 2021 she will be going to high school. How time flies. Because of the current situation there was no Junior Prom, so the mums in our compound decided to do a small ceremony for all the Year 6's to make it a little special.

Vaccination for the Youth

It was with great relief that we read the announcement of the Covid vaccination will be allowed for the youth aged between 12 and 17. That very same day I registered Daniel on the system. Unfortunately Olivia has to wait, but for now at least Daniel will be vaccinated. It took about 3 weeks for... Continue Reading →

The “bake off” (cont.)

COMPARE & CONTRASING FUN CONTINUES... My next cooking adventure took me down the road to a wonderful time in the winter. I must have been preteen age, no I think I was younger. I remember the fireplace in the living room and the smell of 'boontjie sop' and pancakes and orange syrup in the air.... Continue Reading →

The “bake off”

COMPARE & CONTRASTING FUN Chocolate cake, oh chocolate cake.I have very fond memories of Vicki bakingher delicious chocolate cake. It is a thing inour family, Vicki's Chocolate cake, no bettercake could ever be found in any shop,commercial or home bakery. With this in mind I decided to recreateVicki's Chocolate Cake, and then compare itto the... Continue Reading →

Last training / game of the season

In the last year there has been many, many restrictions with regards to sport and more. Luckily for the rugby boys, they could eventually start training again. Unfortunately there has been no opportunity for the boys to play any propper games. It did, however, not stop them from giving their all with each and every... Continue Reading →

Sporty time with my son

I am not the sporty type of person, AT ALL. So having two children that are so active with sport and culture forces me to open my mind to new things, and learn what needs learning about it all. I enjoy spending time with them and I also get to spend sometime with them playing... Continue Reading →

Mother’s day

To all the mom's, (mothers, mama, mommy, mamma, mammie)... You are special, you are unique, you are awesome, you are the one's that bring life to a family. Though sometimes it is hard to see it, know that everything you do, big or small are appropriated and are noticed. Thank you for being you, a... Continue Reading →

Out for school supplies

We made a quick trip to the shops this morning to get a few things done before school starts tomorrow. We both a few things, my son got a way overdue hair cut and then naturally there was an all important stop to make at the coffee shop for a quick bite and coffee. Sanitising... Continue Reading →

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