The “bake off” (cont.)

COMPARE & CONTRASING FUN CONTINUES... My next cooking adventure took me down the road to a wonderful time in the winter. I must have been preteen age, no I think I was younger. I remember the fireplace in the living room and the smell of 'boontjie sop' and pancakes and orange syrup in the air.... Continue Reading →

Trying new things

As you know I like venturing into new area of food all the time. I spend lots of my screen time searching and finding interesting things to try. I have found that the one place I can always count on finding interesting things to try is on the Food Network show The Pioneer Woman. I,... Continue Reading →

The “bake off”

COMPARE & CONTRASTING FUN Chocolate cake, oh chocolate cake.I have very fond memories of Vicki bakingher delicious chocolate cake. It is a thing inour family, Vicki's Chocolate cake, no bettercake could ever be found in any shop,commercial or home bakery. With this in mind I decided to recreateVicki's Chocolate Cake, and then compare itto the... Continue Reading →

Finding that happy place

I never really understood the full meaning of having a passion. I think it is because there is no real or good emotional explenation for it what a passion is. Words can be a funny thing, they can hurt you, lift you, make you happy, calm you down and they can distroy your very soul.... Continue Reading →

Trying some new Recipes

I have found a wonderful recipe that is easily adaptable to any flavor that you want. It again is a great inspirational recipe of The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond). I am a keen follower of her recipes. I am not sure if any of you have ever even heard of this wonderful cold and/or hot,... Continue Reading →

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