Teaching some simple life skills

The spring holiday has been great fun for the children so far. They have had a great opportunity to hangout with there friends on a daily basis. They are a great group of friends and they work so well together. During the holidays I always try and do fun things but also a few things... Continue Reading →

Oh my word what a morning…

So there I was finding myself, again, in the emotional mayhem and chaos of getting my vaccination done, the 2nd dose. I am happy to have the opportunity to have it done, and done rather quickly and efficiently, but oh the nerves and fear of that needle still gets to me. Yes, again I want... Continue Reading →

Feel like going on holiday

It has been a while since we have been on a proper holiday. When I say proper I mean taking a taxi to the airport to go somewhere exciting and new and different. It is understandable, because of the Pandemic everyones movements are much more restricted. We had a lovely local break in December last... Continue Reading →

Sporty time with my son

I am not the sporty type of person, AT ALL. So having two children that are so active with sport and culture forces me to open my mind to new things, and learn what needs learning about it all. I enjoy spending time with them and I also get to spend sometime with them playing... Continue Reading →

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