Home Sweet Home (Part 4)

So our time here in South Africa has come to an end. We are all excited and sad having to leave what has been a great place to grow and live for the last 2 years. Our amazing travel agent arranged and assisted us getting from South Africa back to Bahrain via OR Thambo International... Continue Reading →

Home sweet home (Part 3)

Having dealt with the drama of the rental house being broken into, we handed over the house to the owner. One less stress item to deal with at this point of the lockdown. I reiterate that I am very, very grateful that we were able to find a home to stay in, and that home... Continue Reading →

Trying some new Recipes

I have found a wonderful recipe that is easily adaptable to any flavor that you want. It again is a great inspirational recipe of The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond). I am a keen follower of her recipes. I am not sure if any of you have ever even heard of this wonderful cold and/or hot,... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home (Part 2)

So everything is ready for the big move back to Bahrain. Our tickets have been confirmed for 30 March 2020. Excitement and sadness, as we get ready to leave family and some amazing friends behind. It was a very sad 'see you later' indeed The week started with the normal chaos of the last week... Continue Reading →

Outside: out and about

With our weekend of half-term break spent at home, we decided to try and get some things done, go out do stuff for the rest of the week. That was before we succumbed to the flu bug. Never did I imagine having flu would cause such a nervous reaction. With the pandemic going around and... Continue Reading →

Simple Fast Orange Chicken

This is one of my all time favourites. I can not even remember where I found this recipe, but it has gone through some changes since I first started making it. Ingredients 2 or 3 boneless chicken breasts, cubed1/2 cup BBQ sauce1/2 cup orange marmalade sauce (you can change this to 1/4 Lime and 1/4... Continue Reading →

Junior cook at work

Oh how wonderful it is when one of your own children enjoy something you enjoy too. Well I am blessed because both my children love baking and /or cooking. My son is great at baking breads, he truly has a gift, I admire him greatly because I am terrible at baking bread. My sweet little... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home! (Part 1)

I hope you’ve all been doing well, staying safe, and (hopefully) getting back to some glimpse of normal. I know normal is a relative term, and I swear, I still have moments where I am hit with this strong “What just happened?!?” feeling regarding the past couple of months. What a time. I hope things... Continue Reading →

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